Braised refrigeration

The Zilmet series designed for refrigeration and air conditioning. Made for use as: evaporator, condenser, and compatible with different types of refrigerants, including high pressure ones such as 'R410A'. They are also particularly suitable for use in reversible cycle appliances and as oil coolers, desuperheaters and subcoolers, economizers and heat recuperators in general. Production capacity and flexibility, combined with an effective quality policy, make the exchangers Zilmet capable of fully satisfying the requests of both large series productions and small quantities with dedicated configurations.


Why choose Zilmet refrigeration exchangers®

Zilmet has developed and introduced an exclusive integrated distribution system of the refrigerant fluid which allows for perfect stabilization of the flow with the consequent increase in performance. All Evaporators Zilmet of the ZE series are equipped with an integrated distributor. It is obtained directly during the molding phase of the plate: in this way constant performance is ensured and thermal efficiency is optimized to the maximum.

The materials used, the production processes and an effective quality system have allowed the exchangers Zilmet to obtain numerous certifications. In particular, they fully comply with all the safety and functionality requirements of the PED 2014/68/EU directive on pressure equipment.


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