Zilmet: story of a leading company in the hydrothermal sector

Zilmet is a story of family, passion and commitment. It all began in Padua in 1955, when Ugo Benettolo and his brother founded “Officine F.lli Benettolo”, a company dedicated to the processing of ferrous metals for various industrial sectors.

Ugo Benettolo was a visionary man, who had the intuition to transform his workshop into a leading company in the production of expansion tanks and heat exchangers.

In 1965, the company already had 160 employees and had decided to move to Limena, near Padua. The new headquarters was more spacious and allowed for the expansion of production.

The second generation of the Benettolo family, led by their son Paolo, has brought the company to a new level of success. The commercial network has been expanded in Italy and abroad, reaching Europe, Asia and North America.

Another key success factor was technological innovation, which made it possible to increase production and quality efficiency. The company has also created a customer-focused technical department capable of providing customized solutions.

Today, Zilmet is an international company with over 500 employees and an annual production of 8 million pieces. The company has branches in Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, the United States and China, and a total production area of 150,000 m2.

Zilmet is a company proud of its history and values. The company is committed to providing its customers with high-quality products and services, and contributing to the sustainable growth of the economy.



The company changes its name to “Zilmet dei F.lli Benettolo” and moves to Limena, to larger and more functional premises. Here it specializes in the production of expansion vessels and heat exchangers for the hydrothermal sector. These products are essential to ensure the correct functioning of heating and air conditioning systems.


The company grows under the leadership of Paolo Benettolo, son of the founder Ugo, who inherits his father's entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. Paolo understands that to compete on the market it is necessary to diversify the offer and adapt to customer needs. For this reason, it develops new product lines, such as hydropneumatic tanks, solar collectors and boilers.


 Paolo doesn't stop there: he has the ambition of taking Zilmet beyond national borders and making it an international point of reference in its sector. Thanks to its ability to create lasting relationships with reliable business partners, Zilmet expands in Italy, Europe, Asia and North America. 


Today Zilmet is a consolidated reality in the global industrial panorama: it has over 500 employees and produces 8 million pieces per year; has branches in Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, USA and China; has a total production area of 150,000 m2; and exports its products to more than 100 countries. 

Zilmet is proud of its history of work, innovation and sacrifice; but it also looks to the future with confidence and enthusiasm: its goal is to continue to satisfy the needs of its customers with safe and effective products; to enhance the skills of its employees with continuous training; to respect the environment with sustainable solutions; to grow together with its partners with mutual collaboration. 
A mission that has always lasted

“Our company was born from the passion and desire to offer efficient and sustainable solutions for the heating, water treatment and photovoltaic sectors.  

We are present all over the world with our high quality products, the result of continuous investments in research and innovation. We respect the environment and contribute to the fight against climate change by using recyclable materials and promoting energy saving 

We create stable jobs and enhance the skills of our collaborators.  

We have always been oriented towards the customer and his satisfaction, offering him a wide and diversified range of products that meet his specific needs.  

Our goal is to maintain market leadership, with a global vision and the ability to adapt to the challenges of the future and innovation.” 

sustainability and environment
Nature is within us

We believe that our activities must not only respond to economic criteria but must integrate respect for the environment and the correct use of natural resources.

work ethic
A question of Respect

Our company operates in the hydraulics field and cares a lot about ethics. For us, the values of professionalism, well-being and satisfaction of our employees are fundamental. 
We are committed to working safely and respecting regulations and the environment. 
We constantly update ourselves on technological innovations and train qualified personnel who share our vision. 

We offer a flexible and informal working climate that promotes harmony and results. 

We collaborate with local associations so that integration is achieved through work 
These principles are expressed in the code of ethics, which summarizes them and guides our daily actions. 
We invite you to read it and adhere to its contents. 


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