Removable plate heat exchangers Zilmet they are made with AISI 316L stainless steel or TITANIUM plates with a thickness of 0.5 mm. The use of these materials and thickness allows to obtain an ideal global exchange coefficient and guarantees excellent resistance to corrosion, even in the presence of aggressive fluids.

Why choose Zilmet removable plate exchangers®

High efficiency and reliability
Long life and low cost
High modularity and small footprint
Simplicity of maintenance

Removable plate exchangers Zilmet they are supplied as standard with gaskets glued in EPDM, therefore reaching a maximum operating temperature of 140°C. For particular applications such as the use of petrol or oils, glued nitrile (NBR) gaskets with maximum operating temperatures of 110°C are available on request.

The frames are made of carbon steel painted with gray epoxy-polyester powders and are of a thickness suitable for the respective nominal pressures. For the titanium versions, frames are offered made of carbon steel painted in blue and equipped with special titanium connections.

All plate heat exchangers Zilmet they are tested at a pressure 1.5 times the nominal pressure before shipping.



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