Solar Application

Alongside complete series of expansion vessels, Zilmet has developed a series of innovative and special products such as expansion vessels for solar systems. The range of Solar vessels was developed in accordance with the DIN 4757 standard and is suitable to meet the needs of the most important manufacturers of solar systems.

To be able to withstand the highest temperatures Zilmet developed the membrane ZILAN, specially designed for solar applications. The membrane ZILAN It is made of synthetic rubber resistant up to 100 °C, the result of the experience gained in the solar thermal systems sector.

These vessels with inlet and outlet connections are placed in the system before the solar expansion vessel. The vessel provides heat dispersion by reducing the operating temperature and therefore allows the life of the expansion vessel to be considerably increased.

The Solar-Plus Safe combines a Solar-Plus vessel with an additional vessel, all in a single vertical vessel which allows the reduction of the application space of a 40% and the installation times of a 50%.



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