CAL-PRO: membrane expansion vessels for centralized closed circuits, suitable for absorbing the increase in water volume as a function of the increase in temperature in a heating system. Equipped with a SBR rubber membrane, they are built and approved according to the PED 2014/68/EU regulation for central heating systems with non-potable water.

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Technical features
Maximum operating pressure mod. 4-8 litres5 bars
Maximum operating pressure mod. 12-50 litres4 bars
Maximum operating pressure mod. 80-900 litres6 bars
Operating temperature-10/+99°C
PRESSIONE DI PRECARICA mod. 4-50 litri1.5 bar
PRESSIONE DI PRECARICA mod. 80-150 litri2 bars
PRESSIONE DI PRECARICA mod. 200-900 litri2.5 bars

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